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Is your CV costing you interviews?

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Professional CV Writing Advice from our COO Ian Jenkins

While we pride ourselves on the excellent value for money our service delivers, I completely understand not everyone has the finances readily available to invest in a professional writer to assist with their application documents.

I’ve decided to make 7 short videos explaining the latest writing standards for job applications, ensuring the documents you write yourself are completed to an excellent standard, and give you the best chance of securing an interview.

Throughout this short series I’ll explain how to write a cover letter guaranteed to increase your interview success rate, how to write a personal profile that ignites a desire within the reader to review your full CV, how to professionally design and format your documents, which key sections you must include to increase your interview rate along with sections that aren’t relevant and how to utilise LinkedIn to climb the career ladder.

Seeking a new position can be a stressful time. My aim for this series is to inform you of current best practices to increase your success rate. Thanks for coming along for the journey. I’m confident you’ll find these tutorials invaluable.


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